Saturday, September 25, 2010

♪♪ it's a kind of magic...♪

♪It's a kind of magic,
A kind of magic♪

oh how i miss ally mcbeal, and how it always made me feel normal with the random songs that pop into my head...Well today we are officially 13 weeks away from Christmas!!!. I had high hopes and dream to have all my gifts doing done and dusted by the end of September,currently I stand at 100% away from that goal lol. This year we are having a homemade Christmas theme. All gifts must be homemade Fairy orders lol, and strangely enough everyone is on board with that idea this year. As time s ticking on though, am realising that unless i grow a further set of arms (have been trying for months now), i don't think i Will make the cut, but i said homemade, it might just not be homemade by me ( how i <3 Etsy).We already have our theme set for next year to :).

In case you haven't noticed i LOVE Christmas time, the whole eat yourself silly ( am all about good home cooked food), spend time with loved one, our movie marathons and just being together.

This year the Fairy has a few tricks up her sleeves and acts of randomness planned, call it making up for last year when baking was non existent ( having 2 1.5 month olds kinda scared me out of the kitchen for a bit :P).

Probably not a huge surprise to those who know me but have a Christmas favorite folder that is overflowng with ideas, which i have been working on for months now. whenever i saw something that made me squeal (yes the Fairy has squealing episodes, usually when she sees something that completely floats her boat, I have tred many therapies to loose the squeal but nothing has worked so far :P) .

Since the mini Fairy loves spending time in the kitchen to, thought what better way to count down to Christmas then with a baking project :). Ok ok it's more for me then her, but she wll love it. So this week we are kicking off the 13 weeks to Christmas countdown!!!!!

So what does one get with a sugar cone, some green candy melts, 4 less then perfect leftover cupcakes, some brown card stock & a dinky dinky cake board?

will be back with the TADA reveal later (see there was method to my madness with
the kind of Magic reference lol)