Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the F-word

no not THAT F word..The much nicer slightly unbelievable pinch me please one. FULL. i almost don't want to jinx things by even typing those four letters out, but that is exactly what September is turning out to be for the Fairy. So many neat ideas and celebrations happening and i am lucky enough to have been asked to bake away for them .

Feeling very lucky and very blessed and slightly giddy at all the fun things coming up :).

tonight i also got to play with new butterfly cutters i recently purchased (they are being used for an upcoming first birthday party, that i seriously can't wait to tackle), but i couldn't wait until then (surprise surprise lol), so made cookies with them tonight, to get my mind off my eldest having her first full day of JK tomorrow. ya it didn't work, but i love love love these new cutters :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

She's Here!!!!

It seems like forever since i have stopped and taken the time to ramble here. So much GOOD things have been happening i must sit down and jot them down :) . I am an official believer in the power of word of mouth now lol!!!! I am almost fully booked for September & already have a few orders all the way into November!!! I feel blessed beyond words, and for someone who loves to not have any attention pointing in her direction(i like my corners at parties lol), I love that my baking is slowly speaking for itself, and people seem to be enjoy it :)). The fairy is working on taking a couple of steps away from her corner though:).

My website is officially live! The website fairy has been BEYOND patient (which is more then i can say for me). It was more then worth the wait though. He's done a smashing job, at getting it, exactly how i wanted it, and i admit i am sporting a pretty cheesy grin these days. It was extremely hard not to ramble away on it, but i hope it gives potential customers a great first impression of the cupcake fairy :P. I cannot thank my cheerleaders enough, for all of my non stop cupcake talk, for being overloaded with pictures and for acting as both supporters/taste testers/website reviewers :). I seriously wouldn't be doing any of this if it wasn't for your pushes/shoves (ha ha ha) support and continuous encouragement. I hope you ALL know just how much you guys mean to me & thank you will never be enough :)

Ok all that ramble to say here's the newest member of the fairy family :