Thursday, August 19, 2010

She's Here!!!!

It seems like forever since i have stopped and taken the time to ramble here. So much GOOD things have been happening i must sit down and jot them down :) . I am an official believer in the power of word of mouth now lol!!!! I am almost fully booked for September & already have a few orders all the way into November!!! I feel blessed beyond words, and for someone who loves to not have any attention pointing in her direction(i like my corners at parties lol), I love that my baking is slowly speaking for itself, and people seem to be enjoy it :)). The fairy is working on taking a couple of steps away from her corner though:).

My website is officially live! The website fairy has been BEYOND patient (which is more then i can say for me). It was more then worth the wait though. He's done a smashing job, at getting it, exactly how i wanted it, and i admit i am sporting a pretty cheesy grin these days. It was extremely hard not to ramble away on it, but i hope it gives potential customers a great first impression of the cupcake fairy :P. I cannot thank my cheerleaders enough, for all of my non stop cupcake talk, for being overloaded with pictures and for acting as both supporters/taste testers/website reviewers :). I seriously wouldn't be doing any of this if it wasn't for your pushes/shoves (ha ha ha) support and continuous encouragement. I hope you ALL know just how much you guys mean to me & thank you will never be enough :)

Ok all that ramble to say here's the newest member of the fairy family :

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