Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Time to dust of the cobwebs

At this point i think only vacuuming said cobwebs will do the trick. I guess on a positive note i have been soo busy (which i great) that i have (almost) forgotten about this wee blog, which make me kind of sad, as it's a great place to jot down how many GREAT things have happened since Cupcake Fairy opened her doors for business in July.

Wow even typing that seems super weird. has it already been almost a year??!!! It's been a simply amazing 10 months so far. I am seriously in awe about how a simple "plan" started out with a dear friend where my "big" 1st goal was to make/bake 1 to 2 paid cakes a month has snowballed into where i am today. Thank you sooooo much T for the big kick in the butt.

So what has been going on in my kitchen since my last post on September 25th...loads and loads of "please pinch me this isn't real" moments. I have to say i have absolutely smashing clients :), who keep me busy and on my toes.

I bravely (trust me i am the gal who loves blending into the corner of rooms at parties with a big "nothing to see here" sticker on my forehead) went onto our local morning tv show, and lasted the whole segment talking about my secret identity and cupcake bouquets. Needless to say i held on to their kitchen counter for dear life, and have not seen the segment because i simply refuse to watch it LOL. But i did it, and i had the bestest of partner's in crime shoving me towards the kitchen (ya until the very last segment i really tried to convince her that it would be WAY more fun if she did the segment for me, she didn't buy it!) at this point i seriously considered where her loyalties lied and all but with time i got over it :P.

Google has been my best friend too :) i have had many great opportunities thanks to her (come on only a sister could help another sister out!). If you had told me 10 months ago that i would get to make cake pops for eTalk for both the Genies & the Junos i would have laugh you right out of my front door. I still don't really believe these two events ever happened, but my loved ones sure do (guess i was maybe a tad of a tyrent in the end to anyone who dared step foot in the Fairy's kitchen during the process).

I've gotten chance to dabble (still a HUGE learning curve to get my vision out on the table) in dessert tables. Ok i might just have a slight addictive personality trait, like baking i have a wee addiction to sweet tables.i could seriously look at them alllllll dayyyyy (and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that!!!)

I have met the most amazing people, been able to bake away for some great events and charities (love these!) and most of all simply can't believe how lucky i am to actually have clients pay me for doing something i adore .

even with all this greatness and again at times don't feel worthy (yet), the highlight of the year HAS to be overhearing the mini fairy (who just turned 5!) saying, "that's my mama and she makes Amazing cakes!"...quickly followed by "because i help her!!! <3. Ok as per usual an all over the place first entry back, but it is a dusting of the cobwebs nonetheless and hopefully i get better at the shorter rambles of my GREAT pinch me now (softly please!) 1st year....

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