Monday, March 29, 2010

baking machine!

i really need to keep this updated...i have been very busy in the kitchen. my family would argue that i have have spent too much time in there and they are all caked out...never thought i would see the day where i have been asked NOT to bake something for a wee while...have to admit i have gone into baking overdrive these days...i completed my first proper proper cake order for a friend who had faith in me (which means more then she'll ever know). All K mentioned was that her son LOVED hockey at the moment and that he was a huge senators fan...because i never do anything by half,lil old me decided why not attempt a hockey jersey cake for one special boy... this is how it turned out....i for once won't point out all the mistakes :-p, but they are there...all that matters is that the cake went down very well. with this cake i have also officially started my kitchen aid trust fund...i am on my 4th or 5th hand mixer in less then 2 years....and although i cannot justify spending that amount of money on myself...the 5 hand mixers would have more or less covered the since i am so so stubborn (i know who would have guessed it?! lol), any money i make baking wise is going in said trust fund...if i can only get over the whole i just want to bake for free thing, it might grow faster lol...even though we had to rumble in her hallway :-p K huge thanks for being the first contributor to my trust fund, and for even asking me in the first place....

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  1. Thanks again D ! The time and care you put into this cake really showed and I was secretly pleased by the oohs and ahhs when I opened the cake box ;) The b-day boy was so proud of his cake and it was delish to boot.I will definitely be a repeat Kitchen Aid Fund contributor in the future ;)