Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a cupcake a day keeps the blah's away...

ok there might be something to this baking my way through the Martha cupcake book. I LOVE this book, i also have the cookie version which i will eventually go to town with also. This week i have already tackled 2 of the 175 recipes. the orange vanilla bean cupcakes (note to self master the art of candying oranges for next time, bitter oranges kinda ruin the whole thing lol)& the Boston cream cupcakes. I swear i really wish i could bake every single day,even though i am nearing that anyways, think if i did people might really start thinking i have a serious problem. I am at the point that even though i was joking (sorta) about the Robbin hood of cupcakes thing, the idea is kind of appearing, everyone loves receiving something baked right??? My family seriously love me right now, usually when i bake something intricate looking, it's usually to give away or take with me LOL. They're currently on cloud 9 with the fact that the cupcakes for now are staying put, hopefully that will last for a while, but i am secretly plotting to spread the cupcake love (stay tune).

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