Tuesday, February 23, 2010

then came #2 and # 3

so i am so playing catchup on this blog thing. I have been busy on the baking front, and really wanting to improve on my first mess ( i swear i am my worst critic). short and sweet this time around. these two cakes were two very special "just because" cakes. there should definitely be more of those in my book. The dinosaur was a pig, i ain't no sculptor, and Mr dino proved it. Unfortunately his neck couldn't take the heat, and mr dino was sporting a permanent bowe by the time a very special little man could see it. My sweet DD got the ladybug, minus antennas (no licorice around) and she was NOT happy on missing out on the dino action. both cakes were a new recipe for butter cake from the whimsical bakehouse by Kaye Hansen & filled with cookies and cream filling (i could live on this stuff) covered in ganache. i went all out for these two loves :-). They are both covered in satin ice fondant, i have to say, if it weren't for the price i would switch to using it ALL the time, so easy to work with, it actually made these two cakes look smoother then they should be ;-p.

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