Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the best christmas ever

OK i know shoot me for mentioning the C word, but still playing catch up. I was very lucky this year and got lovely chapters gift cards, they have in fact been the main reason for this blog. i went to town getting new baking books. and i have an ever increasing "i really want these to" list, but alas the cards ran out. I invested in 2 new fondant books, and caved and got a couple of Martha bibles. I am a blog addict and a few mentioned Debbie brown, so i am now the proud owner of her 50 easy party cakes(thanks for Mr Dino and madame ladybug) and her enchanted children cakes. I have to admit that i look at these two books daily (ya i have no life) trying to find a reason to work my way through each of her creations. of course this is only to help me build my skills of course.

I have to say Martha.'s cupcakes and Martha's cookies have been both a pleasant surprise and a curse...i go to bed, dreaming of some of those dang cupcakes, wishing that i could work my way through her books more effectively...there would be nothing wrong with making a cupcake recipe a day right? i could be the robin hood of baking and feed the masses by delivering lil treats in the middle of the night :-p

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