Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the longest week ever

following from my jersey cake and my cupcake fairy drop offs...and because i can never turn down a dare/challenge..i have spent almost a WHOLE week without baking...and i haven't developed the sakes either!!!!!! no one here thought i would last this long, or crack under the pressure of my hand mixer, my favorite baking blogs and the blocks and blocks of unsalted butter that have been whispering my name inticing me over the cake side...i haven't caved ONCE...

ok that's a slight lie, my eldest daughter, has been obsessed with bunny cake since we attended an Easter cake decorating afternoon at the local grocery store over the who am i to get in the way of her creative juices. unfortunately being not quite 4 she required adult supervision, and i would be a very bad mama if i didn't "help". bah it's not exactly cheating...thanks to gold old Duncan hynes & some shredded coconut :-p

all this hiatus had done is given me some time to plot my next cupcake fairy drop off(s), and discover a few new baking blogs (will have to remember to add them to my list). I have also found THE cake for a dear dear friend who also happens to be obsessed with coffee/Starbucks (i still don't get it lol). It's kinda handy that her birthday is coming up in a few per usual couldn't choose something "easy" but i hope she like it to practice once this week is up :-)

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