Friday, April 23, 2010

martha you owe me a hand mixer!!

so i realised i hadn't baked baked in a wee bit, which for me is just plain odd. Especially since my ban was lifted a while ago. For whatever reason the blahs had taken over, so big where these blahs that even mustering the strenght to whip up some butter was just not there. I have officially entered sleep deprivation meltdown, i never thought i would say it, but 4 hours on uninterrupted sleep right about now would be awesome, it would even be better then a glitch free baking session (there i have said it! lol).

to make up for lost time tonight i have maybe gone a bit overboard??? i made 3 batches of cupcakes last night, and tackled the icing and filling tonight...i am pooped but the deed is done. The cupcake fairy is firmly back in the saddle again...she's hoping to strike early tomorrow morning (you can't beat cupcakes for breakie right). As long as 3 pint size munchkins cooperate in her scheme, as they are joining the clandestine operation, pj's still on :-p.

out of the 3 cupcakes attempted, only one meets my strict criteria (meaning they look as they should) the other were slight buggers (excuse my french). unfortunately the XW#$@#$$%% 7 minute icing, wins again, as it flopped,but i "tried" to salvage it??? bah who am i kidding. Supposedly they all taste lovely warts and all. Hopefully my victims think the same too :-)

and because it couldn't have happened at a better moment, my still barely standing hand mixer, bit the dust mid way through my dark chocolate frosting...may it rest in peace :-((. I would out of principle refuse to buy yet another one, but May is going to be a very cake-y month for me. Grow fund grow!!!! hopefully this will be the last hand mixer to cross my palm

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