Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fairy Land

I'm seriously starting to believe that everyone should believe or at least have a fairy or two rooting for them. As of late i have discovered that i am surrounded by them :-). This morning the kicthcenaid Fairy, made an appearance very quietly at my front door.

My brother tells me theres a box on the front porch quickly followed by a " what have i ordered again" ( i also have baking gadget addiction :-p). since i wasn't expecting anything, i said it wasn't me. Then comes the well there's a kitchenaid box sitting here. Cue me getting up and all the while saying oh it's probably for next door or something.

So there we are both staring at the box of a kitchenaid mixer lol. No name or address on it. All that was attached on the top was a unaddressed envelope. cue some you open it..no you open it.no YOU open it (i think stubbornness runs in the family) i lost that one and opened said envelope, and literally got the shock of my life.

Someone (who i am determined to discover their true identity :p i have a few leads lol--am even considering putting up a reward for the safe & friendly capture of said fairy) has made me speechless & done something remarkable (but so not needed!!! i don't feel worthy). I seriously can't thank you enough, you have to turn yourself in!. I promise that for once i will keep my stubborn streak at bay, and all i want to do is thank you in person, and tell you how blessed i know i am to have fairies like you in my life. I haven't done anything out of the ordinary, but i WILL follow my dreams/passions and wherever they might lead me.

It's taken me until this evening to unpack said mixer, i have passed the box so many times, each time just gawking at it ( i know i know i shouldn't stare). It's almost too pretty to even turn on (i know my addiction will remedy that fact pretty sharpish) and i am determined to "earn" my mixer.

Since i cannot just accept such a huge gift, am thinking out a plan to "pay it forward", i have a few ideas up my sleeves already :-)).

In the mean time, i would like to introduce the newest member of my family (kitchen aid fairy, picked THE stand mixer i had my eyes on <3). Please take a moment to note the clear counter space. This couter space is NEVER clear, i lovingly refer to it as the Bermuda triangle in my kitchen. All that is missing is a dedication plaque to the KA Fairy, who i am seriously forever indebted to. Whomever you are, you are a complete loon (but in a good way lol) and i seriously cannot thank you enough


  1. wow!! Thats amazing!! You indeed have some fairies on your side. I think I need to find mine : )

  2. yes i still pass Scarlett (yes i named my mixer lol) daily and say a quiet thank you :). Wouldn't be were i am right this second without her or the kitchenaid aid fairy:)) or the other fairies (as much as they dislike me calling them that lol) i have in my life :))