Saturday, May 1, 2010

4 years already...

today my DD turned 4. I seriously do not know where time has gone, and on days like today i really wish it would slow down. Her first party isn't until the end of the month (must get my act together!!!!) but i was determined to make her a "special" cake anyways, and i can use the practice.

I will class what i ended up with as a "disaster", but all madame wanted to do since getting up was eat said cake. I decided to make the Debbie brown, pony in stalls cake. that was mistake #1.

Mistake #2 was attempting said cake on roughly 4-5 hours sleep total in about 3/4 days.

Mistake #3 was not letting go of my anal tendencies :p, and refusing to just buy premade butter cream to crust the cake, then realising no time to make butter cream thus resulting in someone winging it and choosing to make/use ganache

and what finished it off was not following my gut. the stable is/was meant to be white (ya why did i choose dark ganache again??) and the instructions called for putting on each side of fondant one side at a time.

At this point i raise my hand in shame. i gained the mouth of a well versed sailor, trying to pick up said ganache cake to position it, to the uncovered side Repeat X3. from the get go it would have been easier to just fondant the whole thing in one piece, and add detailing last. instead of the opposite.

a dear friend referred to it as a structural compromised stable LOL...and you know what the shoe fits on that one.

i have been on a roll as of late, and it would have been soooo nice to continue with it, but i will take one for the team, shame it had to be DD's cake though.

At least the innards where edible (chocolate cake with cookies n cream filling)

Happy Birthday Madame, thank you for making the last 4 years the most memorable. I am blessed beyond words to have been chosen to be your mama.

picture to follow, must catch up on sleep zzzz.

still staring...


  1. I think it looks pretty darn good! The fact that you attempted it on that little amount of sleep and persevered is what are teaching your kids valuable skills :)

  2. Ya.. what Julie said! LOL!!

    And I swear you tweaked that photo to make it look slanted... because it looked pretty amazing in person!

    Happy Birthday little one - we too are blessed to be a part of your life and watch you grow!!