Sunday, May 30, 2010

from pretzel bark to the circus coming to town.

Ok it's been way too long and i would love to say that the reason that i haven't written is because i have been curred from my baking addiction. sadly not, i have been VERY busy in my lil' kitchen these last two weeks. i am going to try and not make this too pic heavy or for once not ramble on and on and on lol. So baking wise best bits of the last fortnight??

1) We had my 4 year old's circus themed birthday this Saturday. I stressed and faffed around sooo much with it, as i wanted everything to be perfect. But after a venue change, not being able to get my hands on some "planned" goodies & simply it being next to impossible to get out for any lenght of time & severe sleep deprivation. i was feeling kinda bummed that she would be disappointment or her friends would be bored (i never got around to making the circus games i had planned).

I really need to get down to her level on stuff like this more often and remember that she has yet to be lumbered with the curse of adulthood. Simply seeing the balloon arch i whipped up at the entry way of her play room (at 1 AM lol) on waking up Saturday morning had her exclaiming how it was the "most wonderful thing she had ever seen" and that this was the best birthday through the eyes of my heart next year this mama is going to keep it simple stupid . who knew that a balloon arch would be all it took.

I also made my own mini corndogs, they went down well. For her birthday cake, Madame had rich (Well mama thinks a bit dry) vanilla/white chocolate cupcakes turned into unscary clowns. And chocolate cupcakes turned into popcorn which is a good thing since i burned the real deal.

I also made cake pops & soft pretzels and if i could have made the cotton candy i would have to lol. Everyone seemed to have a good time even though it was a bit squished, and if the noise level was anything to go by all the kids had as much fun as the birthday girl did, she unfortunately for me is still running of sugar from yesterday, but so so so so worth it!!!!

2) i first fell in love (seriously!) with bakerella when i fell on her cake balls/blog by accident, i have been a avid fan since then. I haven't made them in a wee while, but i had promised baked goods to an organisation i am member of. Due to a freaky, sticky yucky heatwave i chickened out on making the lemon meringue/ tres leche and tiramisu cupcakes i had planned (oh i am so tackling them soon :-p), and opted for cake balls. because i love the added stress i chose to try 3 new flavors i had yet to make ( i am the chocolate fudge cake ball queen). I made coffee cake & coffee Italian buttercream balls, and topped them with a hazelnut coffee bean. the pink ones were apple caramel flavored and the yellow/white ones were vanilla cake & cream cheese frosting rolled in coconut. my home testers weren't keen on the apple caramel,but i included them anyways..still waiting to here if the were edible.So hope they went down well.

3)pretzel bark...ok i forgot to take a picture...but so so simple and so so so yummy!!! i made these for a much needed intervention night for myself . Read catching up with some very dear friends who are good for the soul :-) and did the very bad bad thing of trying them ( i am a closet chocolate covered pretzel addict) and usually NEVER even eat or try my own baking but since this wasn't "technically" baking it doesn't count lol will definitely make again.

4) i had promised baked goods for a bake sale for a meetup group i am a member of, the best bit is it allowed me to use some of my new bakeitpretty was a long day as i made a booboo with the first batch of strawberry cupcakes, so had to start again, and because i am am glutton for punishment and i was miffed at messing up said cupcakes i added vanilla and chocolate ones to the mix to lol. This was only remotely possibly due to the stand mixer...i seriously don't know how i did so long without one, it makes things soooo much easier and i am quicker which = more baking win win in my books (thanks you once again kitchenaid fairy!! <3 )

ok so i lied about not rambling, but come on it's been two weeks, and these are the highlight that spring to mind right this second so i am being kind lol...i won't admit to just how much baking took place this last fortnight anyways :)

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