Saturday, June 12, 2010

they called it mellow yellow...

take 3...

this is what happens when someone tries to get clever with her blog, it was having a bad hair day :p. Thankfully i am also blessed with a computer/website fairy who made my very short web designer career appear like it never happened.

so here are the pictures, but because this is attempt number 3, you're spared the rambling lol

The cupcakes : lemon cupcake filled with homemade lemon curd, topped with whipped cream and fondant flowers. Payment for some much needed chalkboard paint (pics to come) , why can't i pay for everything this way ( shoes? handbags? wallets? baby/kids clothing????)

The cake: my 1st (??last??) tiered cake, for my baby brother's birthday :). Very short on time and due to blurry vision (sinus headache), it's officially been put into my disaster pile, but the main thing is that he loved it, even with all it's manly-ness lol. chocolate cake . bottom tier has strawberry Italian buttercream (2 layers). top tier is filled with mocha buttercream. The bottom tier should have been covered in a new MMF recipe i found (hmm mistake number one) but it was way too dry, so the layer on there is paper thin (i'll give satin ice that, it didn't tear considering). Either way with this cake i have officially establish a new rule with my loved ones, i bake because i care, so in return you must care for the cake you get warts and all lol...So far it's working :)

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