Sunday, June 27, 2010

the only roses i have a chance with...

Are those that i can bake in the oven lol. I made this bouquet for a friend's best friend's wedding shower that she couldn't make :(. The sage green and chocolate brown are her wedding colors. I can see all the faults :s. I wanted it perfect as like anything i make for anyone that is for a loved one should be nothing less. I really really really hope that the bride to be loves it, or at least the thought :p. It was fun to make none the less and i got to try out a new "fastening" system for the cupcakes (will have to find out if it held lol), and am currently working on fairy bouquets (really excited about these!)

cupcakes: chocolate cupcakes
icing: green icing is deluxe buttercream (Italian meringue buttercream with vanilla bean crème anglaise folded in half flavored with coconut the other half with orange). "brown" icing is dark chocolate frosting.


  1. Wow....this is beautiful! I would be thrilled if someone gave me this!

  2. Your blog is looking great Daphs!! LOVE it!!!