Sunday, June 27, 2010

my nemisis we meet again...

I kinda like that the word "can't" doesn't have a place in my vocab, it's usually more like i "don't" or "won't" lol add to that a very bad case of the " i think i can" and you have a pretty neat experiment at times. When something flops i sulk, might momentarily gain the mouth of a well verses Irish sailor ( why Irish? no idea first thing to pop into my head, must say i LOVE the Irish accent though!- ok back to original scheduled broadcast)

up to now two things have had me almost sticking my pinkie toe into the river of "can't":

1) Singing - ok i am no Mariah, and the only people i subject to my nails down the chalkboard renditions are my poor kids but i am already popping $$$ into their therapy fund as i type :p.

2) cookies of any kind that i want to decorate with royal icing...i can't flood to save my life. then i stumbled on bake@350 and she lit that fire again that just maybe maybe i am not an absolute lost cause and i should try and try and try until i can toot my own horn on this one. I visit often and drool and dream of trying everything maybe someday or finding someone to physically walk me through where i am going oh so wrong.

Then i stumbled on her cute as a button cookies, and i HAD to make them. I love the fact that Bridget MADE the buttons!! Luckily i was out of icing sugar, so no royal icing for me but since the fondant was already out. i used that instead, and i have to say i love finding ways around my Nemesis and i think i love the look even more (ya ya i am in denial and avoiding the royal icing for a bit longer.)

lets just say i went to bed late that night, and a couple more nights that week...but i am HOOKED even though i so cheated lol

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